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We had a special edition of Thought Buds© distributed this week.  A previous Thought Buds© generated great discussions and responses.  So much so, that we asked one of our readers to share his thoughts.  We hope his contribution will inspire you!

“First, you plug the leaks: learn to recognize what drains your energy – life situations, toxic people, or habits such as worry, indecision or guilt. Second, you identify what fills your tank – pleasure, prayer, anticipation, or fun – and give yourself more.”

~ Mira Kirshenbaum

Rob’s thoughts…

“There are challenges in life, and there will always be challenges. Challenges in life are personal, only if you make them so. In truth, challenges in life are rarely personal, they are not to be dreaded, not to be feared; challenges are to be accepted, analyzed, and overcome.

In last week’s Thought Bud©, Catherine shared wisdom around possible constructive responses for when we experience negative feelings, emotions. Challenges. The fundamental response suggested was to refill yourself with your Source Energy. Excellent, useful, truthful wisdom.

What I would like to share this week is a bit of wisdom about a related aspect of negative feelings, particularly feelings of being ‘overwhelmed’, ‘discouraged’, ‘failed’, ‘hopeless’.

“While your parents and teachers are, for the most part, well-meaning people, they are nevertheless more interested in your finding ways to please them than in your finding ways to please yourself. And so, in the process of socialization, almost all people in almost all societies lose their way, because they are coaxed or coerced away from their own Guidance System.”

~Esther & Jerry Hicks

Yep, another quote from the Hicks. Wise, those Hicks.

This quote has significant meaning for me. What I personally get out of this quote is that, loving and sacrificing as our parents are or were, they implanted bits and pieces of their own guidance systems into us, their children. Some of those bits were positive in nature and helped us grow in positive directions.  Some of those bits were negative and led us to take on roles, attitudes, paradigms, that hinder us and burden us down. I do not remotely suggest our parents implanted these negative traits out of malice or mal intent, certainly not.  They did these things merely because, in turn, their parents implanted such traits and perspectives in them. Ad infinitum.

For many of us, one of the bits that we struggle with could in fact be considered positive in some circumstances: We tend to feel ‘responsible’ for getting things done, fixing things, making things right. ‘Responsibility’ is a positive trait, to a point. It can become negative when we try to take on others’ burdens, try to fix others’ problems. Again, that can be helpful, noble even. On occasion it can also be impossible.

One of my favorite quotes, to which unfortunately I cannot assign an author, is:

“Stress happens when we feel responsible for something [or someone] over which we have little or no control.”

Ever try to change someone when they do not want to be changed? Ever try to change something when it just cannot be changed? That’s what I’m talking about. Feel that stress? Feel that discouragement?

So, to come full circle, the next time you’re feeling ‘overwhelmed’, ‘discouraged’, ‘failed’, ‘hopeless’, perhaps it might be useful to ask yourself if you are feeling responsible for something over which you have little or no control. Perhaps?

Just a Thought… Bud. :-)”

Wow!!!  Very insightful and quite thought-provoking.  Now – doesn’t that inspire you to get up, get out, get going into Positive Action?!

Thought Bud:  Fulfill Your Purpose…plug those leaks!

Until next time…

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