What a most amazing start to my day this morning.  Up bright and early at my normal time – 5:30 a.m  Only today was going to be quite different.  So much so, tossing and turning was the theme for the night.  I was just too excited to sleep!  The anticipation of what the morning would hold, the promise of what could happen as I awaited the start of another journey.

Now here’s where you might start to wonder where I was headed.  Disney?  No.  Caribbean?  No.  Visiting the kids?  No.  (Just returned from a visit to CO with my daughter and her family).  It was not any of these and probably nothing what you’d expect as you continue reading.

What was I excited about?  It was about the new goal I set for myself and today was the day I took my first step…literally…my first step in running.

Now, I’m not a runner – never was and never claimed to be.  Runners of any type, shape or kind have my great admiration for what they do – whether they love it or hate it – and all their various reasons for running.

My goal isn’t to simply run.  Nope, not this girl!  The bigger goal is really to have better relationships with the people in my life that are important to me by doing or experiencing the things they like to do.  So, my daughter runs, rock climbs, bikes, and hikes fourteeners (Rocky Mountain peeks that are 14,000 ft) and I want to do some of that with her.  And in order for any of that to happen, I’ve got to begin today, one step at a time, to reach my goal of running 2 miles  with my daughter and granddaughter by this time 6 months from now.  Because nothing would be more meaningful than to run with both of them – just the girls – each filled with excitement of what we’ve accomplished and what we have yet to overcome and accomplish.

Today I took my first step toward that goal.  Although to some it might seem like such a small accomplishment, for me it was a great fete.  And here’s what I learned – I can get excited about getting out of my comfort zone when I focus on the value of the task / chore / goal /whatever-you-want-to-call-it.  I chose to be excited about something that is going to require me to do some hard work (no matter where I run in my neighborhood, most of it will be uphill).  Yet, that is not going to deter me from my goal.  Quite feeling like a kid at Christmas is all the motivation needed.

So, how far did I run this morning?  Not far by a marathoner’s or runner’s standards – .5 mile.  Yet, it’s cause for celebration because I did it!  I wasn’t running by their standards or worried about what any passersby would think.  I took action.  I can do anything in small steps – doable chewables – and stick to my plan.  I know that I won’t run 2 miles the next time I’m out the door at 5:30 a.m.  I do know that I will run 2 miles in 6 months continuing to work my plan – focused, motivated, and excited!

Finding the “key” to what the added value to my life and those around me made all the difference in how the goal / challenge / task was approached.  The truth is, it’s not about the running, it’s about the opportunity to connect and develop a relationship.  In the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Until next time…