Every once in a while, I’m drawn to pick up a book that wasn’t on my “book list” – particularly when I’ve got a shelf (OK, who am I kidding here – it’s a bookcase) of to-be-reads waiting patiently for me.  You know, the books that you just gotta have or you’ll go…but I digress…

Back on focus…

I’m talking about Mitch Albom’s book “have a little faith”.  To this day, I can’t put my finger on what steered me toward the book…was it the title or the word “faith”?…the fact that it was a true story?…was it that the economy was in the tank?…not sure that any of it really matters.

I bought the book.

Mr. Albom was asked to deliver the eulogy for his old hometown’s rabbi.  It was a an eight-year journey.  During that same he becomes involved with a Detroit pastor who is a reformed drug dealer and convict.  As Mr. Albom moves back and forth between the two worlds, he starts to see similarities and unity in these worlds.

Throughout the book, Mr. Albom infuses past sermons given by the Rabbi into the story.  One of those sermons struck a chord..actually stopped me in my thoughts, so to speak.

Spoiler alert…if you plan on reading the book proceed at your own risk.

It was a sermon given by the Rabbi in 1975 about a man seeking employment on a farm.  The letter of recommendation given by the previous employer to the fellow’s new employer read simply, “He sleeps in a storm.”

Talk about putting things in perspective, eh?  When we choose to be right with the people that we love…when we choose to behave in a manner that’s in agreement / aligned with our faith…when we do the things that are truly important in our life, we’ll never be stressed / anxious / cursed / worried about unfinished or unfulfilled business.  We won’t be living in perpetual states of I could have, I should have, I wish I would have, or if only.

We will be sincere in our words, we’ll tell those that we love “I love you” at every opportunity, we’ll embrace a little longer and a little tighter, we’ll laugh a little louder and more often…

We, too, will be able to sleep in a storm.

I’m going to be working on sleeping in a storm.  What about you?

Until next time…