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It’s been raining here for what seems likes months – not unlike most other places on the East Coast.  And today promised nothing would change and as the day progressed there was little promise of a glimpse of precious sunshine.  In spite of the gray skies and pending precipitation, I was feeling a little lighter today.  Yes, my schedule was rearranged a bit – that happens.  Yet an early morning session cancellation led the way to getting some errands done a little earlier.

While waiting in line to pay for my items in the local market, the gentleman in front of was carrying on a very friendly conversation with the cashier.  Part of exchange was the gentleman sharing that his wife gets angry when he brings home things that were not on her grocery list.  More precisely, when he buys doughnuts.  It’s so hard to describe the look on his face as he smiled from ear to ear and the sheer joy and anticipation of eating those doughnuts.  It was difficult not to smile and be drawn in to his joy.  I got the feeling that his wife very much enjoyed having a treat as well, even though feigning anger.

After two more stops, my errands completed, I found myself driving and smiling.  Not just the small, inconspicuous smile that sometimes happens – this one was different.  I was marveling at all the different lives, the plethora of stories in one market.  The simple, and sometimes complicated, things that we all look forward to and enjoy.  The more I thought about my experiences from the beginning of my day until that time, I was surprised by all the moments of pure, unadulterated joy that was there for me.  And then it hit me…

My gift was the experience of authentic joy.  You know…you’ve experienced it at least once in your life…my spirit was light, my struggles seemed to have resolution, life slowed for a moment just for me and I was able to savor each moment and wrap myself in knowing an act as simple as buying a few items at the market can bring joy.  It’s not a chore that needs to get done, or something to hurry through to get to the next thing on the “to do” list.  It’s beyond attitude – it comes straight from the heart – I get to choose to experience joy in all my moments by experiencing life through my heart.

Whatever your struggles, worries, and concerns, invest your energy in becoming strong and challenge yourself to turn your thoughts to the joy that is surrounding you.  Will it make your struggle disappear?  No, it won’t.  When you turn your attention to becoming strong, that one choice alone will help you focus on the solutions that can work for you and when you begin to take positive action, that small action alone will lead to a sense of accomplishment that reveals joy.

Brings to mind the great philosopher, Carlos Casteneda, who said, “We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same.”

I choose strong and joy-filled!  What will you choose?

Until next time…

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