Washing a few plates and cups after lunch today, my mind began to wander (yes, I wasn’t focused on actually washing dishes…that’s another story) to all the Facebook postings about how sensitive everyone seems to be regarding the upcoming holidays and how to address or greet each other.  In rapid thought succession, it sounded something like this:

Thought Storm in Progress

Happy Holidays…Merry Christmas…Happy Chanukah…Holiday Songs…Christmas Carols…(I think I have the makings of a song)…sheesh…people expending so much energy over who’s right or wrong…how does making a big deal out of this add value?….if you don’t like something, what can you do rather than simply complain?…oh how I love the holidays…as long as I could remember the anticipation was thrilling…some might not see it that way – difficult childhood memories and all…wait I could be included in that last one…who cares…still love the holidays…Polar Express…hot chocolate, yum, think I’ll have a well-deserved cup later…people working so very hard to convince someone else they’re wrong….aha moment – maybe that’s it…wonder if people believe that taking time to understand someone else means giving up part of themselves or who they believe they are, their beliefs, drinking the kool-aid…they’re afraid…that’s not what happens at all…don’t they see that…duh! if they did they wouldn’t keep working so hard to convince someone they’re wrong…so…how can I influence them to see that they actually gain so much more when they strive to really understand another’s point of view; they don’t give up anything, not one single belief nor one strand of value by simply listening…what are they protecting?…what makes their belief more valuable than someone else’s?…oh, wait…maybe they’re having trouble giving their listening ears because they’ve not been heard…well, not in the way that matters (complaining and whining doesn’t much count towards that)…oh, gotta go capture this thought storm before it blows over…

There you have it, folks.  Now, all I’ve got to do is get cracking on the best way to begin this influential journey of understanding.  Oh, wait…I know…just start…:-)

BTW – I’m a Merry Christmas sort of gal.  And if you’re a Happy Chanukah sort of fellow or Happy Holidays kind of girl, or a non-Christmas or non-Chanukah believer, know that I respect and embrace YOU and your right to believe and value whatever you want or like.  We may not always agree or see eye-to-eye on this or any other event, and I’m OK with that.  Are you?

Care to join me and journey together…at least part of the way?

Until next time…

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