As we celebrate International Coaching Week, it’s a great opportunity to re-acquaint with our foundation…our strengths…our VALUES.  Some might relate to this in terms of characteristics or attributes.  Whatever you call your “internal drivers”, today’s a great day to identify the basis for living your life.  And remember, your “life” encompasses all components and roles, such as your job, career, business, and areas of your personal life (not an all-inclusive listing), and the values you use in each and how you incorporate your values into all areas of your life.

Perhaps you’ve never taken a moment or five to actually go through a values-identifying exercise.  Now’s a great time to do just that.

Haven’t dusted off your list in a long time?  Today is a great day to do that.

Want to work on strengthening some of those values to become a better you?  There’s no better moment than right now!

Here’s something to get you started;  to help you re-evaluate; to give you some ideas about what you believe are your VALUES.  Click on this link, JTSample Values List, for your complimentary download and discover what matters to you.

Until next time…

P.S. — Want some assistance identifying and strengthening your values?  Schedule your private, confidential complimentary discovery session or send an e-mail to to learn how.  Invest 30 minutes today to change your life forever.