Over the course of the week, you’ve read a little bit about what the coaching profession is, what it has to offer you and/or your organization, as well as the value that coaching brings to your development, whether professionally or personally.

Hopefully, what you already know about coaching was reinforced or you became more aware of how you will benefit from engaging a coach.  And some of you still have more questions and a few of you are ready to hire a coach!

A Guide to Hiring a Professional Coach (click on title to download) will give you additional information and insight to get you started with the hiring process.

Thank you for celebrating with us this week!  The official celebration may be ending, yet it doesn’t have to end and the celebration can continue for you each time you come back and visit the Roots of Thought blog.

Take a moment to share your thoughts and comments.

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P.S. — Still have questions?  Schedule your complimentary coaching session or send an e-mail to info@JoshuaTreeCoaching.com to learn how.  Invest 30 minutes today to change your life forever.