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As we wind down the week-long celebration of International Coaching Week, one question that comes up very often is, “How effective will coaching be and how will I know if it will be effective for me?”  This is a great question and it lets me know the person and/or organization is giving some thought and performing due diligence ensuring their energy, time and money are well invested.

The answer is not a simple one beyond, “Coaching is very effective and you’ll know because you’ll start doing things, thinking about things, and approaching circumstances in your life differently.  You’ll make better decisions for you, which in turn, can increase your earning potential, put you on the right career path, develop leadership skills, build more meaningful relationships with colleagues, co-workers, customers, friends and family.  And so much more!”

Sometimes what a person is really asking with the “effectiveness question” is, “How much more will I make?  How quickly will I get promoted?  How do I figure out what I want to be “when I grow up”?  How do I increase sales?  What do I do to get back on track with ______ ?  How do I get it all done?”  And the list of questions goes on, and on, and on.

Rather than try to convince you that coaching is very effective, here’s a presentation from the Lore International Institute given by Terry Bacon, Ph.D. and Anna Pool, MA, OD titled Can Coaching Effectiveness Be Measured? (Click on title to download)

In their presentation, effective coaching is defined as “…coaching that creates the right behavioral changes that lead to improvement in the client’s ability to impact bottom-line results.”

After you’ve read the report, take a moment and share your comments and thoughts.

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