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Falling off track completely sucks—especially when you’ve tried so many times to commit yourself to your health.strawberry-cake-over-white-background

Falling off track and not having it together can make you feel like something’s way wrong with you. (Why did I have to have two pieces of cake?!)

Like you’re not disciplined enough. (More cake!)

Or strong enough. (Forget it, give me cake.)

Or good enough. (Why. Can’t. I. Stop. Eating. Cake.)

Health isn’t just eating right and exercising though.

It’s the little things.

Those things that slip between the cracks. Sometimes we notice them and snatch them as we see them slip sliding away. Sometimes we don’t even notice until its too late.

We are caretakers, nurturers, the go out and do it yourself-ers.

But what about YOU?

Yes, you.

We get so wrapped up in everyday life. Kids to soccer practice. Dinner on the table. Laundry clean, folded and put away. Scraped knees. Broken hearts. Work deadlines. You name it.

We’re so programmed to go-go-go, that those little in between moments just get filled with useless time wasters. You know exactly what I’m talking about-social media, gossip magazines, useless TV. Yes, they may be your “escapes”-but what are they really giving you? Are you still kicking yourself because you so wanted to finish that book you’ve been nursing for 6 months? Are you trying to get a business off the ground? Do you keep missing that yoga class you’ve been trying to get to?

Yeah, I know. How?

Because sometimes coaches get stuck, too. We forget to follow our own teachings from time to time. Life happens.
Now is the time to get back on track. Why now?

Why NOT now?

We’ll help each other.  How?
Contest time! There will be prizes, oh yes! And its totally FREE.

Why? Because that’s how Kristen and I roll. Simple as that. We want you to be your best, so you can help someone else be their best.

Here’s how it works.

Head over to Kristen Zang Wellness for all the delicious details of how you can get started and the contest prizes!  Hurry,,,YOU owe it to yourself – you are deserving!

Until next time…

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